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The european earwig is about 12-19 mm long (1/2" -3/4") Earwigs are reddish brown in colour and have a large curved forceps at the back of their abdomen. These frightful looking forceps are harmless to humans as all they can do is give a very slight pinch.

Earwigs prefer moist dark cracks and crevasses to hide in during the day and will congregate in great numbers in suitable places. At night they will crawl about in search of food and readily enter houses and other structures. Once inside they prefer damp areas such as basements and laundry areas.

Earwigs will eat both plant and animal material. Large infestations can be damaging to shrubs and flowers. The female lays about 300 eggs at a time one or two times per year.Female earwigs are good mothers as well and are some of the only insects to care for their eggs and young. For this reason earwig populations can grow very quickly becoming serious infestations in a matter of weeks.

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