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Spiders in Ontario are a seasonal pest with infestations beginning in summer and persisting until late autumn. Homes and cottages near water are more likely to have heavy infestations than are inland homes. The annoying and unsightly webs re-appear no matter how often cottagers and homeowners sweep them away. The persistent spider webs make outdoor living unpleasant.

Most spiders associated with outdoor living areas in Ontario are Orb Weaving Spiders. They are commonly known as garden spiders. They weave the familiar orb shaped web.

Spiders can be controlled outdoors around structures with application of residual pesticides or insecticidal soaps. Control measures should begin as spider numbers begin to become noticable. Control measures are best left to professional pest control technicians.

Poisonous spiders are rare in Ontario, with most spiders considered a nuisance, and not a threat to healthy people. Some black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders occur in Ontario, but you will not likely encounter these at your home or cottage.

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